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Monday, May 28, 2012

Minimalist Design

Such cool use of shapes for magazine covers by graphic artist Noma Bar. If I was making mag covers this is how I'd want to do it. I especially like the Russian and Best Books Rhetoric works. You don't need to have too many colors or go overboard with busy shapes to make effective works.
Check how the negative space and simple black and white forms Bob Dylan into the TimeIn cover. Such cool works of art related to pop culture almost always grab my attention.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ElegantThemes Review

I started up a business recently, and one of the first things I needed to do was get my name out there.
With a professional, sharp looking website more people will be attracted to your product. Wordpress themes offer the best combination of ease of use and customization. In my case, showcasing my website would lead to other work related to website creation and support. I gained self taught knowledge while creating something I needed.

When I began to look for a clean and official looking theme, I got swamped down with either free themes with spam and custom ads preinstalled. Then I started to look for something made by the pros. There are many template sites out there charging $50 to $70 just for a single theme. Some sites even charge over $100 for just one theme if you include installation.

So I kept searching. Something wasn't quite right about the price. Until I found Elegant Themes. Recommended by many on a few well known wordpress user forums, I was eager to check it out. Just $39 for literally dozens of themes, no spam, and you can download them all over the course of a year.

The support is great too. Multiple moderators check their support forums frequently. I got responses within minutes, with kind and informative replies. Granted, some questions might go outside the scope of their services, but they are efficient at helping with all the ins and outs in regards to customizing their themes.

For example, I tried out the Chameleon theme. As the name implies, it is good for a wide range of potential websites and a snap to modify for whatever may be the goal of your website. Their support forum folder for this theme in particular already has over 6,000 threads: a wealth of information at your fingertips.

They offer more specific themes as well. I've been using their theme 'InReview' for my ratings and user review site. Perfectly adaptable to any product or place you may want to have reviewed, the theme has been set up to do alot of the dirty work for you.

I am truly grateful to have come upon this bargain. At this price, for many high quality themes and expert theme support, it is easily one of the best deals I have ever come across in my years as an internet user and professional.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Top 3 Photoshop Tutorials Released This Month

3. Create a City Destruction Photo Manipulation in Photoshop
Tutorial Link
In this tutorial, you will learn how to make regular city photos looks they were under alien attack or some more mundane disaster.

2. Colorful Stuffed Text Effect
Tutorial Link

This tutorial will teach you how to stuff your text using a basic pattern and some layer styles. I am into typography so I think this is rad!

1. Clean Mobile Login Screen Tutorial
Going to make an app for a smartphone? If you'll need to login in to you'll want to know how to make a sharp login screen. Check out this tutorial to make your own Mobile Login Screen for your iPhone or other smartphone.